My teaching interests include modernism, critical theory, and the novel. I most often teach English 461 (Introduction to Literary Theory), English 467/468 (Honours Theory), English 436a (Twentieth-Century British and Irish Literature to WWII), English 436b (Twentieth-Century British and Irish Literature after WWII), and graduate courses in Theory and the Modernist Novel. Recognizing that much of the material I teach is at least initially quite challenging, I like to use plenty of examples related to everyday experience and popular culture to communicate the fundamentals. I am committed to teaching students the skills required to think critically and to read with sophistication. If every book is a riddle with many possible answers, the ones I teach may be among the most enigmatic of them all — but they’re also among the most rewarding to ‘solve.’ Both the material and I will push you outside your comfort zone. You might not like it, but I guarantee you’ll learn from it.

“This is my favourite professor. Very hard marker though, but he managed to make a difficult subject (lit theory) interesting and funny, I can’t see a lot of other professors being able to do that. Well worth all the work, trust me.” - Student in English 461 (Intro Theory)

“Stephen Ross was the most engaged instructor I’ve ever taken classes with; to this day, he is the best teacher I’ve ever had.”

“One of Stephen’s rare talents in the graduate classroom lies in his ability to strike a tone that is both casual and rigorous. The productive force of his enthusiasm encouraged us to rise to the difficulties of the course material with our best ideas in hand.” - Alex Christie, PhD Candidate, University of Victoria.

“I have taken a number of classes with Stephen: as a junior undergraduate, as a senior undergraduate, and as a grad student. I have also taken many classes with other instructors. And I have taken graduate classes at other institutions. Stephen Ross was the most engaged instructor I’ve ever taken classes with; to this day, Stephen Ross is the best teacher I’ve ever had. And I credit him for my ability to discuss theory and literature (especially the theory and literature that I don’t study) in any situation. Take a class with Dr. Ross: it will only improve your ability to read, write, and translate the discipline of English into any other world.” - Dan Harvey, PhD Candidate, University of Alberta.