Short Paper – (500 words) 15%

For this paper, you will need to find a short piece of erotic writing (about the length of the ones we are reading in class) that is not already on the syllabus and provide a write-up on it. You will need to use the terms and methods we are practicing in class to show how its form and content work together – or fail to – to achieve its effect. Your write-up will have to show the title and source of the piece, along with its author if there is one, and then provide a 500 word write-up that a) summarizes the contents of the piece, b) identifies its formal features (word choice, tone, rhythm, length, interruption, flow, rhyme, etc.), and c) evaluates how well it integrates form and content. Part C should take up at least 300 words of the write-up, leaving you about 100 each to describe the content and formal features of the piece.

You will be graded on your ability to draw upon the tools I have been demonstrating and you have been practicing with in class, and your ability to analyse how form and content are – or fail to be – integrated in the piece you have found.

Mid-term Exam – 15%

This will be a 30-50 question multiple-choice exam to be sat during a class period. It will ask fact-based questions and questions that ask you to apply some of the techniques we have studied in basic ways. It will be very easy if you have been coming to class regularly.

Response to an article – (500 words) 15%

I will provide two articles for us to read together. We will discuss them in class, and then you will either a) write a response, b) produce a short (no more than 3-minute) video response, or c) produce a digital poster response to one of them. The articles will be controversial, and I’ll be looking for you to express your opinions clearly and with logical force. You will be marked on the logic and use of evidence in your argument, and not on the strength of your convictions alone. Regardless of which of the options you choose for your response, points will also be awarded for style.

Term Paper – (800 words) 25%

For this assignment, you will have the choice of two options:

1) Reflecting on the content of the course, outline in a short essay how your thinking about erotica, the erotic, pornography, sex, sexuality, and related issues has changed – if at all. Wherever possible, refer to specific examples from the course material and be sure to consider the relationship between form and content.  You may also do a video or poster for this assignment. 

2) Produce a short (no more than 3-minute) video or a poster illustrating the relationship between form and content in a piece of erotic writing that is not on the syllabus. Be sure to relate it to other works we have studied this term, and to use the techniques we have practiced. Posters may be submitted in digital form. I will establish a private Youtube or Vevo channel for uploading videos.  You may also write an 800-word essay for this assignment. 

For both options, you will be marked on the clarity of your presentation, your ability to refer to the material we have studied during the term, and your facility with the methods we have learned.

Final Exam – 30%

The final exam will be a 50-100 question multiple-choice exam covering all the material for the term. It will consist of fact-based questions, questions that ask you to choose the best answer regarding a series of phrases, and basic identification of passages or topics by author. As with the mid-term exam, if you have been coming to class regularly this exam should be very easy.

*Final Exam will be Scheduled During Exam Period*


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