Week One: (Jan 4) Introduction to the course, administrivia

Week Two: (Jan 8 and 11)  First times

Readings: “The Women’s Room,” from Delta of Venus I, from Teleny, from Roman de la Rose

Week Two: (Jan 15 and 18) — Eat or Be Eaten?

Readings: “The Platonic Blow,” from Macho Sluts, “Figs,” Goblin Market, “The Flea”

Humour for the week: “The Disappointment”

Week Three: (Jan 22 and 25) — Smooth Bits, Foldy Bits, Hairy Bits

Readings: “Creamy Breasts,” “The Penis,” “The Female Genitals,” from Les Guerillères, from Amores, “Obscur et Froncé”

Humour for the week: “Anglo-Saxon Riddle”

Week Three: (Jan 29 and Feb 1) — Taboos

Readings: “The Colonel’s Nieces,” from History of My Life [Casanova], from Delta of Venus II, “Venus and Tannhauser,” “Leda and the Swan,” “Nizam the Pederast”

Humour for the week: “from Kitty’s Atalantis”

Short Paper Due 

Week Four: (Feb 5 and 8) — Reading TBD

Week Five:  (Feb 12 and 15) — Reading Break

Week Six: (Feb 19 and 22) — The Sacred and the Profane I

Readings: “A Full and True Account of a Dreaded Fire … in the Pope’s Breeches,” from The Lives of the Nuns, “Sonnet” [Baffo], from Account of the Visit Made to the Theatine Nuns, “Batter My Heart,” Letter from Heloise to Abelard

Humour for the week: “Epigrams” (Martial)

Mid-Term Exam

Week Seven: (Feb 26 and Mar 1) — The Sacred and the Profane II

Reading: “Song of Solomon,” “Song of Songs,” The Story of the Eye

Humour for the week: “Amores” (Ovid)

Week Eight: (Mar 5 and 8) — Power and Pain I

Readings: from Myra Breckenridge, from Justine, or Philosophy in the Bedroom [both selections], “Marriage à la Mode”

Week Nine: (Mar 12 and 15) — Power and Pain II

Readings: from The Story of O, from Lesbia Brandon, “Grand Testament,” “from Last Exit to Brooklyn,” from Venus and Adonis

Response to Article 

Week Ten: (Mar 19 and 22) — Surprise! Voyeurism, Anonymity, The Unexpected

Readings: from Fanny Hill, from Ulysses, from The Conservationist, “My Subway Lover,” from My Secret Life

Week Eleven: (Mar 26 and 29)— Education I

Readings: from Life and Loves [Harris], “La Batarde,” begin The Story of O

Week Twelve: (Apr 5) — Education II

Reading: The Story of O

Term Paper Due 

*Final Exam will be Scheduled During Exam Period*


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