Policies – Engl505 – Literary Theory

Late Policy: My late policy is lenient: you may hand the paper in on the day on which it is due and receive full comments, or hand it in two days later with no penalty, but receive no comments either. Papers handed in after that time will be assessed a penalty of 5% per day. Papers more than one week late will not be marked unless there are verifiable extenuating circumstances. You may email me a paper before the next deduction (i.e., on a weekend) and “stop the clock” but this means you must get me an identical hard copy the next time the university is open. Failure to do so will cost you the full late penalty. All papers are due at 1:00 pm.

Letter Grade and Percentage Equivalencies: My marking follows the University’s established grading guidelines, which are as follows: A+ 90-100, A 85-89, A- 80-84, B+ 75-79, B 70-74, B- 65-69, C+ 60-64, C 55-59, D 50-54, F 0-49.

Policy on Absences: It is your responsibility to come to class regularly. If you must be absent for an extended period of time, please inform me as far ahead of time as possible. Cases of continuous unexplained absence may result in a penalty to your grade or your ineligibility to complete the class; attending class is part of fulfilling its requirements.

Extensions: Normally I will not grant extensions, particularly if you need them because you planned badly. That said, life has a way of happening at inopportune moments, so if you have one of those, we can talk.

Plagiarism: Any incident of plagiarism will result in a zero for the course. In brief, plagiarism is the unacknowledged use of another person’s words or ideas, whether directly quoted or paraphrased, as though they were your own. The guidelines on what constitutes plagiarism are very clear and are available through a variety of sources, including the University Calendar.


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