Response Papers (one per month)

(3 x 500 wds. x 10% each = 30%)

Each month (Sept., look Oct., Nov.) you will write at least one response paper. In these short response papers, you will have to engage critically and creatively with some aspect of the readings. I will be looking for you to identify a particular aspect that you find especially intriguing or provocative. I will then want you to engage with that aspect of the reading, working through what interests you and thinking about how it links the work to other works we have read. I will provide samples for you to get a sense of what successful response papers have looked like in the past.

NB: Response papers are not mini-essays; they are records of your engagement with the text, showing the thought process by which you arrived at your understanding/position on the material. They are the English equivalent of “showing your work”; I want to see the intellectual work you do with the material, and not just the final perspective at which you arrive.

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