Short Essay

(1500 words; 20%)

You will write a short argumentative essay dealing with some aspect of the works (both primary and secondary) we have read up to the mid-point of the term. You may do some secondary research for this paper, viagra but primarily I will be looking for arguments about the works and their implications. You need only write about one work for this paper, but are welcome to include more than one if your topic merits it and you can cover it adequately in the word limit given. Possible topics may include varying aesthetic strategies, constructions of gender and/or sexuality, class, race, violence, hygiene, medicine, nation and nationalism, etc. Be creative in thinking about how you would like to approach this material, but keep in mind that the paper must be argumentative – it has to have a thesis that is supported by evidence. I will not be providing essay topics for this assignment, so begin thinking about them now. Right now.

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