Term Paper

(2500 wds; 30%)

You will write an extended essay dealing with at least two of the primary works we have read this term, link and including reference to at least two of the secondary works. I expect you to do further research to supplement the course materials in this case, ampoule though as with the Short Essay the primary requirement is that your paper be argumentative. Do not simply rehearse facts and figures, or recount a literary history of the war. Possible topics may include all of those indicated for the Short Essay (i.e., varying aesthetic strategies, constructions of gender and/or sexuality, class, race, violence, hygiene, medicine, nation and nationalism, religion, science, technology, etc.), but you must write about works you did not write about for the Short Essay. I will be especially enamoured of papers that take unexpected perspectives on the works and/or which offer counter- or non-intuitive readings of works. I will be underwhelmed by works that point out the obvious.

NB – Nuance and sophistication are the hallmarks of good papers; if you are in doubt, come to office hours and consult with me before proceeding. Of course, it goes without saying that spelling and grammar are of paramount importance. Papers of any sort that do not have clear and compelling arguments to make will be unable to surpass a B- mark, no matter how well written they are. Similarly, papers that contain more than three serious grammatical mistakes (e.g., comma-splice, sentence fragment) or persistent minor errors (e.g., pronoun reference or agreement problems) will likewise be unable to surpass a B- mark. If you have perennial difficulties with one or more of these, you need help. I am happy to sign permission slips to send you to the Writing Centre.

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