Network Graph Assignment

Value: 24%

This assignment requires you to use two online resources and then produce a short write-up of your findings. To undertake it, you will have to choose one of the novels on the course as your base text, the text upon which you will centre your research for this assignment. Do that first. Like, now.

OK. Now proceed to step one:

  1. Visit the Linked Modernisms site. On this site, you will be able to query and visualize relationships among a wide range of figures and entities related to modernism across the arts and around the world. Use it to begin with something you recognize, and that is related to the novel you’ve chosen, and explore out from there. Keep track of the connections and terms you explore for step two.
  2. Visit the Routledge Encyclopedia of Modernism through the Databases page of the UVic Libraries website. Building upon the research you did in step one, find four related entries in the REM that pertain to the novel you have chosen, and to one another. They may be directly or indirectly related.
  3. In 500-1000 words, list the terms you selected and produce a rationale for selecting them. To do this, you need to
    1. Justify how the terms are related to one another (do not just repeat what the websites say, but flesh it out to show relevance to the novel you’ve chosen).
    2. Show how they enhance our understanding of some aspect of the novel: its aesthetics, politics, form, concerns.
    3. Suggest a thesis — an argument — about the novel that could be constructed based on your findings.
    4. Outline how you would prosecute that argument.

If you wish to include visualizations or illustrations in your paper, you may, but there is no expectation that you will do so. That said, feel free to be creative, and to explore both digital and analogue possibilities for presenting your findings and advancing your argument. Be creative!