Take-Home Final Exam

Value: 25%

This assignment requires you to survey all the required readings from the term. You will need to

  1. Devise three rubrics into which you can organize all the material from the term. These may be thematic (e.g., sexuality, war, colonialism) or formal (e.g., experiments in perspective, stream of consciousness, chronology and narrative), or conceptual (e.g., being and time, relativity, totality and infinity), or something else altogether (e.g., ???).
  2. Write one brief essay on each rubric, outlining
    1. your logic of inclusion/exclusion — why did you group together the texts as you did?
    2. the continuities and discontinuities among the material — how do they fit together and where are there weaknesses, inconsistencies, or potential objections to the grouping?
    3. the broader insights about modernist narrative prose you believe might be articulated by your groupings. Take chances here — I don’t expect you to be definitive, masterful, or even correct; but I do expect you to indicate the breadth of your understanding, and a willingness/capacity to synthesize based on the material we have covered.

Each essay should be no longer than 1500 words.