Sex, recipe drugs, adiposity and rock ‘n’ roll. This course will explore British fiction from the years 1945 to 2000 – the years of the “angry young men, order ” hippies, LSD, anti-war protests, The Sex Pistols, Margaret Thatcher, “the troubles” in Northern Ireland, the Cold War, “Cool Britannia,” and the end of the world as we knew it (aka the millennium). The end of World War II marked the Allied victory over totalitarianism, but it also sped up the decline of the British Empire. The process of decolonization accelerated and the rise of American power and the Cold War took the remaining shine off what had once been the predominant world power. The changes these and other circumstances generated in British culture  were at once reflected, contested, and interpreted in the fiction of the last half of the twentieth century. In this class, we will read this fiction and the issues it takes up, with close reference to the cultural context in which it was created, concentrating in particular on the changing nature of youth culture and the transition from modernism to postmodernism. In addition to reading several novels, we will be watching films and listening to music.

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