Sillitoe, view Alan. Saturday Night and Sunday Morning.

MacInnes, find Colin. Absolute Beginners

Burgess, story Anthony. A Clockwork Orange.

Kureishi, Hanif. The Buddha of Suburbia.

Wheatle, Alex. Brixton Rock.

Doyle, Roddy. The Commitments.

Welsh, Irvine. Trainspotting.

Youthquake – custom course pack of readings available in PDF.

Selected Texts for Background and Context:

  • Bloom, Clive and Gary Day. Literature and Culture in Modern Britain. Vol. III: 1956-1999. Toronto: Pearson Education, 2000. PR471 L48
  • Gelder, Ken, ed. The Subcultures Reader. NY: Routledge, 2005 (1 ed. with Sarah Thornton 1997). HM646 S83 2005
  • Hall, Stuart and Tony Jefferson. Resistance Through Rituals: Youth Subcultures in Post-War Britain. NY: Routledge, 2005 (1975). HQ799 G7R4
  • Hebdige, Dick. Subculture: The Meaning of Style. NY: Routledge, 2004 (1979). HQ799 G7H4  Excerpt from Hebdige – Subculture
  • Marcus, Greil. Lipstick Traces: A Secret History of the Twentieth Century. Cambridge, MA: Harvard UP, 1989. CB428 M355
  • “Rock, Fashion, and Performativity” reading. Fashion Cultures Chapter
  • “Popular Music and Fashion” reading. British Culture Chapter

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