Engl 560 – The Modernist Novel (Spring 2017)

Welcome to the main page for English 560: The Modernist Novel, at the University of Victoria. The course will focus on modernist novels of the first half of the twentieth century, lingering on the work of some authors (Woolf and Conrad) and introducing that of others (Richardson, West, and Ford). Along the way, we will read short contributions by other writers, and we will consistently refer to works by the many others who could have featured on this syllabus but don’t simply because we lack world enough and time to do them justice. As this is a graduate course, our reading of the novels will be significantly supplemented by secondary materials and I will expect students to bring their own additional materials and interests to bear.

The course runs in the spring term 2017. Just below you’ll find links to all the key information you’ll need to navigate the course.


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