Term Paper (560)

Value: 35%

The Term Paper assignment requires you to formulate an argument about at least two of the novels on this course. You will need to move beyond observation about the novels to articulate a critically contentious point (that is, order a point that can be argued both for and against) and advance that argument with rigorous use of evidence and logic. The best papers will frame the argument in terms of its significance for our understanding of modernism, site the novel, viagra 60mg aesthetics, culture, etc. You are more or less at liberty to choose a topic for this paper, though I highly recommend that you consult with me before proceeding — this goes for everyone. If you are in doubt as to what this paper ought to look like, check out the recent publications in journals such as Modernist Cultures, Modernism/modernity, the Journal of Modern Literature, or MFS: Modern Fiction Studies. All are accessible through the Libraries website.

I anticipate papers that are innovative, argumentative, and rhetorically polished. Elementary errors in grammar and spelling are unacceptable at this level of work. Indeed, I expect papers that are not only correct, but well written and — dare I say it — stylish.