Texts (Engl560201701)


  • Conrad, Joseph. The Secret Agent.
  • Conrad, Joseph. Nostromo.
  • Woolf, Virginia. To The Ligthhouse.
  • Woolf, Virginia. Mrs Dalloway.
  • West, Rebecca. The Return of the Soldier.
  • Richardson, Dorothy. The Tunnel.
  • Ford, Ford Madox. The Good Soldier.

Supplemental readings will be provided through a coursepack on openmods.uvic.ca and/or through handouts.

All the books save the West title are from Broadview Press and should be available in the UVic Bookstore. They have been bundled into two groups to save you $$$. Please make sure you have Broadview editions, even if you don’t buy these ones new, since it will make discussion in class much simpler. Plus, they are really good editions, and you’ll want to keep them. Trust me on this. Get them. Now. Go. I’ll wait.


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