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Here’s a link to a helpful guide to doing close reading. It is geared toward reading poetry, but pretty much all of it can be used to read prose, too. It’s courtesy of our department’s own Dr. Blank and Dr. Kay.

The newest issue of New Literary History just came out — and it’s all about formalism! There’s even an article on Shklovsky in there. Check it: http://muse.jhu.edu/issue/35556 

All the secondary readings are available in downloadable or digital formats at OpenModernisms. You don’t need an account to search for them or to download them.

This seminar at the American Comparative Literature Association‘s conference (a really big deal academic event) is open specifically to MA and advanced BA students — consider submitting something! If you want to, button-hole me and let’s talk ideas.

Articles that will be of FOUNDATIONAL importance for you:

“Definitional Excursions” Susan Stanford Friedman

“Periodizing Modernism” Susan Stanford Friedman

“The New Modernist Studies” Douglas Mao and Rebecca Walkowitz

“What Was Modernism?” Harry Levin


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