Short Paper

(500 words) 15% – Due 31 January

For this paper, capsule you will need to find a short piece of erotic writing (about the length of the ones we are reading in class) that is not already on the syllabus and provide a write-up on it. You will need to use the terms and methods we are practicing in class to show how its form and content work together – or fail to – to achieve its effect. Your write-up will have to show the title and source of the piece, along with its author if there is one, and then provide a 500 word write-up that a) summarizes the contents of the piece, b) identifies its formal features (word choice, tone, rhythm, length, interruption, flow, rhyme, etc.), and c) evaluates how well it integrates form and content. Part C should take up at least 300 words of the write-up, leaving you about 100 each to describe the content and formal features of the piece.

You will be graded on your ability to draw upon the tools I have been demonstrating and you have been practicing with in class, and your ability to analyse how form and content are – or fail to be – integrated in the piece you have found.

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