Term Paper

(~800 words) 25% — 4 April 

For this assignment, viagra order you will have the choice of two options:

1) Reflecting on the content of the course, cialis outline in a short essay how your thinking about erotica, the erotic, pornography, sex, sexuality, and related issues has changed – if at all. Wherever possible, refer to specific examples from the course material and be sure to consider the relationship between form and content. **UPDATE** You may also do a video or poster for this assignment. 

2) Produce a short (no more than 3-minute) video or a poster illustrating the relationship between form and content in a piece of erotic writing that is not on the syllabus. Be sure to relate it to other works we have studied this term, and to use the techniques we have practiced. Posters may be submitted in digital form. I will establish a private Youtube or Vevo channel for uploading videos.  **UPDATE** You may also write an 800-word essay for this assignment. 

For both options, you will be marked on the clarity of your presentation, your ability to refer to the material we have studied during the term, and your facility with the methods we have learned.

Feel free to contact me with any questions:

Email – saross@uvic.ca   |   Phone — 250-721-7237   |   Twitter – @ghostprof

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