News and Updates

26 March

Powerpoint slides for all classes up to and including today are online here.

Term Paper Assignment Update: You can now do a poster, video, or essay for either of the options.

10 March

Here is the last page of the excerpt from Hubert Selby Jr.’s Last Exit to Brookly, which was missing from the coursepack. Last page of Last Exit

30 January 

I have uploaded my Powerpoint slides for the class here.

28 January

Check out this surrealist depiction of a woman having an orgasm (via @DrJanaFunke): Female Orgasm (surreal)

24 January

My ding-a-ling (Simpsons remix). 

22 January

Please remember that for the assignment due next week you can access some of the unpublished erotica held in the McPherson Library’s Special Collections.

Also, here is an essay on the tension between explicitness and the erotic in literary writing. It may be of interest. Reader, I sh***ed him.

21 January

Here are three PowerPoint slides featuring more detailed information on how to do the kind of formal analysis you’ll need to do in the first assignment (due 31 January). Formal Analysis

16 January

Please take a moment to fill out this very quick (4 question) check-in survey.

15 January

Until my bespoke songwriter comes through with a custom song for the course (there *is* one coming, I swear!), this is our unofficial anthem.

14 January

Bigfoot erotica is taking over!

From what?

From Dinosaur erotica, of course.

7 January 

Here is the PDF of the excerpt from Wilde’s Teleny that we ran short of today at the end of class:  Wilde – from Teleny

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