Here are the results of the mid-term, arranged by student number. Mid-Term Results (english 250)

Here are the articles for the Response to an Article assignment:

Andrea Dworkin (chapter 6) of her book Pornography.

Jennifer Kalmanson “It’s Only Human: Why Humanists Should Support Pornography.”

NEW OPTION for the Response to an Article assignment: You can do your response to the entire site if you prefer it over the two articles I’ve provided.

Here are my powerpoint slides so far. I’ll try to update as I go.

Formal Analysis

I. Roman de la Rose_Teleny_Delta of VenusI

II. Eat or Be Eaten: Auden_Califia_Lawrence_Rosetti_Donne

III. Smooth, Foldy, Hairy bits

III. Supplement: Vaginas (in Prezi).

IV. Taboos

V. sacred and profane1

VI. Sacred and Profane II (1)

VII. Sacred and Profane II (2)

VIII. Power and Pain I

IX. Power and Pain II

X. Surprise!

XI. Education I — With resources for making animated videos and how-to write a research poster.

X. Piano Teacher I

XI. Piano Teacher II

XII. PianoTeacher III

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