Critique (500 wds.; 15%):

Two weeks before you hand in your term papers to me, healing you will exchange them with two classmates. Each of you will read two of your classmates’ papers and offer feedback on them. You will choose one of them on which to write a 500-word critique. This critique should be in-depth and should function as a corrective, ambulance commentary, store and criticism of the paper’s strengths and weaknesses. It should look like an extensive end-comment on an essay; you are essentially marking your classmates’ essay. In particular, you will need to identify the paper’s thesis, evaluate its argument (and whether it has one), note whether the writer has specified the significance of the argument, and assess how well it is demonstrated. You should also mark spelling and grammar, but your primary focus should be on argument and significance. You will return the paper with the critique the week after you receive it. Bring one copy for your classmate and email a copy to me; of your classmate wishes, you may simply email the critique to him or her as well. Failure to do this part of the term’s work will result in a failing grade for the term; doing it late will cost you 3% per day off your final grade for the course.