(500 words) – 12%

Each of you will write a detailed critique of someone else’s paper, adiposity due to be returned to that person, with a copy emailed to me, one week later. These critiques will form the basis for the final revisions each of you will undertake as you prepare your term paper for submission.

Your critiques must be thorough, attending to spelling, grammar, style, content, argument, use of evidence, thesis statement and follow-through, sophistication, persuasiveness, intelligence, and knowledge of both the works and their contexts. They should be in-depth and should function as a corrective, commentary, and criticism of the paper’s strengths and weaknesses. I will be looking for you to provide strong – but constructive – feedback on your peers’ drafts. Your focus should be on the connection between observation(s), argument, and significance; it is important to mark grammar and spelling, but this is more editorial and will not ultimately help make the paper stronger in its fundamentals. Feel free to apply the test of the four key elements outlined in the instructions for the Proposal, above, to determine if the paper is achieving all it is intended to.

Each of you must do at least one critique, and each of you must have at least one critique done. I encourage you to do more of them, and to seek input from more than one peer. I will be marking the critiques for the usefulness of the advice they give, for the clarity and incisiveness of their criticisms, and for the evidence they show of the critiquer’s knowledge of the work and its context.

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