Presentation / Parliamentary Debate

(3 x 7% each) = 21%

These are team presentations and debates for 32 minutes between the four presenters. An overall grade will be assigned for the presentation—your individual final grade will be determined based on the outcome of the debate. If you all want a high grade, you should plan to give an exceptional presentation that lets both sides develop the debate fully. The debate is a modified Canadian Parliamentary system. Each selects a “leader.” The “For” side will defend the week’s proposition against the “Opposing” side. The “Opposing” side will seek to prove why the “For” side’s argument is unacceptable.

The format is straightforward and is a slight variant of the Canadian Parliamentary Debate format. The leader of the “For” side will open and close the debate, and the sides will otherwise alternate in the following time schedule:

  • 4 minutes – Argument by Leader ‘For’
  • 6 minutes – Argument by Leader ‘Nay’
  • 6 minutes – Rebuttal by Member  ‘For’
  • 6 minutes – Rebuttal by Member ‘Nay’
  • 2 minutes – Argument by Leader ‘Nay’
  • 4 minutes – Argument by Leader ‘For’

Times will be strictly upheld. Each team should decide who is best suited for the ‘Leader’ and ‘Member’ roles. ‘For’ argues a justification of the week’s proposition. The ‘Opposition’ argues the opposite. You should be prepared for the unexpected on both sides.

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