Response Papers

(5 @ 200-400 wds. each) – 20%

Each of you will write a series of response papers, there starting in week two. You MUST do five of them over the course of the term. You will probably want to avoid doing one on a week when you are debating, story and/or when you have another assignment due (such as the critique, vcialis 40mg or term paper draft). Plan accordingly. Email responses to me by 8:00 Thursday mornings. This will give me time to read them before class, so we can structure discussion accordingly.

In these papers I will emphatically not be looking for mini-essays with thesis statements and so forth. Instead, I will be looking for your initial thoughts on the readings, whether the novels or the secondary materials. What connections do you see with other novels or with other works you are reading/have read? What links do you find between the works and their multiple contexts? What surprises you about them? What excites you or angers you or bores you? What is the affective, perceptual dimension of your reading?

Since these papers are a record of how you engaged with the week’s material before we discuss it in class, late papers will not be accepted; if it’s your week to be marked, you will receive a zero.

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