Term Paper Proposal

(500 wds) – 12%

This short proposal should outline very directly and clearly four key elements in the first paragraph, ask with at least one subsequent paragraph on each of the four points to follow. The four points are 1) what you are arguing, recipe 2) where it fits into existing scholarship, 3) why it matters or needs doing – what is at stake in your argument, and 4) how you will go about doing it. In other terms, you need to develop a paper that begins with a) an observation about the novel or novels you are writing about, b) an argument about that observation, c) a statement of the significance of that argument (the “so what?”), and d) a methodology for making the argument.

This proposal for your final paper must make these steps. I will be grading the proposals for the quality with which they are executed as proposals – i.e., as instances of that genre – as well as for the potential they articulate for the term paper.

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