Term Paper

(5000-6000 wds) – 35%

For the term paper you will be required to write about at least two of the novels studied on the course. If you wish to include a novel we did not read as part of the course, viagra sale that can be discussed. The objectives are to a) relate the novels to the overall course and to the other readings we have done, cialis b) to formulate a rigorous argument about the novels, link and c) to contribute something to the scholarly discourse on modernism. You will be expected to come up with your own topics, and as such should begin thinking about possible lines of inquiry NOW. Students are encouraged to pursue digital and non-traditional projects for this final paper, as well as more conventional approaches – I am fine with both and don’t discriminate either way. I encourage you to begin working out your ideas in your response papers, and to present a preliminary version of your argument in your seminar presentation.

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