Poesia/Theoria — Updates

Watch this space for updates to course work, readings, assignments — and just cool stuff we think you should know about. Like this:

Here’s Emile’s cspt 500.201509_rhythm slide-deck from class on 23 November. Please review slide 10 in particular for things you can watch for as you read Beloved.

New interview with Jacques Rancière!

Here’s the link to information about Alain Rey’s upcoming talk (15 October): http://www.uvic.ca/humanities/home/home/news/announcements/2015-oct-rey.php

And yet more — this one a theoretical reading that could go with the Kristeva if you are so inclined… Noland_Voices of Negritude in Modernist Print.ch4+Notes

Here are more of the term’s readings, lovingly prepared in PDF for you by Emile:

Mbembe – Necropolitics

Deleuze_Actual and Virtual

Gilles Deleuze – The Exhausted

Mbembe – African Modes of Self-Writing

Aaand here’s the Kristeva reading: Kristeva Excerpt

Also courtesy of Emile: check this english-dubbed version of DeBord’s Société du spectacle: https://vimeo.com/139772287

Here are the poems for next week:

Preferably read in this order:

Baudelaire, “Correspondances”: http://fleursdumal.org/poem/103

Baudelaire, “Let’s Beat up the Poor” (“Assommons les pauvres”): http://baudelairepoems.blogspot.ca/

Mallarmé, “Ses purs ongles très haut…” http://www.poetryintranslation.com/PITBR/French/Mallarme.htm#_Toc223495091

Mallarmé, Throw of the Dice: http://www.poetryintranslation.com/PITBR/French/MallarmeUnCoupdeDes.htm

Rimbaud: The Drunken Boat” (Fowlie trans), http://www.poetryfoundation.org/poem/242790

Rimbaud: “Lettre du voyant” and others, http://www.mag4.net/Rimbaud/DocumentsE1.html

Eliot, Waste Land (for transmissibility)


Here are some articles, courtesy of Emile:

Nietzsche, “Homer’s Contest” (trans. Kauffman) Nietzsche_Homers contest_Kauffman

Artaud, from Theatre and its Double.. Artaud_Theatre and its double.Preface.The Theatre and Culture

Review of The Man Without Content – Pages from MWC review_235-238

What can I say? I saw this and thought of you guys. de Duve – Aesthetics as the Transcendental Ground of Democracy

ACLA Call for Papers on Zoopoetics and Forms of Life – Amy thought this might be of interest to some people in the class: Agamben, narrative, form, life, animals, humans…

Dismaland — Banksy’s latest


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