Welcome to my site. I am a Professor of English and Cultural, Social, and Political Thought at the University of Victoria.

Email — saross@uvic.ca   |   Phone — 250-721-7237

Office: Clearihue C357


I obtained my BA (hons) from Simon Fraser University, and my MA and PhD from Queen’s University at Kingston. I have been teaching at the University of Victoria since 2001. I was the President of the Modernist Studies Association through November 2016, and was past-president through August 2017. I have served as Director of the interdisciplinary graduate concentration in Cultural, Social, and Political Thought (through July 2008), Graduate Adviser in English (through December 2010), and Director of the Graduate Certificate in Digital Humanities (July 2014-Dec 2015).

I like single-malt scotch and challenging books, books that keep you up at night. Oh, and I also curse in class — probably more than I really should. My classes are challenging, too — you may feel uncomfortable or even offended from time to time. And that’s as it should be.

Watch my 90-second “Faces of Research at UVic” video here.

Research Interests

My research concentrates on international literary modernism and critical theory.


My most recent book, Post-War British Fiction and Youth Culture: From Teddy Boys to Trainspotting is forthcoming with Bloomsbury Academic (2019). I’m also just over half way done with a manuscript of Ghostmodernism, a book that treats how modernist novels use the rhetoric of spectrality to broach and work through some of the key preoccupations of late-twentieth-century theory: sex and sexuality, gender, subjectivity and identity, etc.

I’ve also got a handful of articles forthcoming this year.


My most recent print publication is The Handbook to the Bloomsbury Group (co-edited with Derek James Ryan) for Bloomsbury Academic. This book presents newly commissioned overview essays on the Bloomsbury Group, paired with case studies based in original research.

I am General Editor of the Routledge Encyclopedia of Modernism: a comprehensive scholarly and educational resource with entries on all aspects of modernism across the arts, a wide temporal period, and around the world. It is supplemented by the SSHRC-funded Linked Modernisms Project, which uses advanced RDF and Linked Open Data methods to created a faceted searching interface for the REM. An open-access resource, Linked Modernisms will put a huge amount of data concerning global modernism across the arts in the public domain, rendering it accessible to anyone with an interest in using it for scholarly purposes. The REM/Linked Modernisms went live in the late spring of 2016 — please visit them now and let me know what you think.

Finally, I am a co-founder and past director of the $2.2 million Modernist Versions Project, a digital humanities research project with activities devoted to generating data from modernist literary texts, devising novel methodologies for versioning texts that exist in multiple witnesses, developing tools for such work, and producing digital editions of modernist novels. The MVP received a Partnership Development Grant from SSHRC in 2012. The MVP is now under the superlative directorship of J. Matthew Huculak (as of summer 2016).


In the last couple of years I have co-edited The Modernist World  with Allana C. Lindgren (Routledge 2016), and (with Tara Thomson) two novels by Dorothy Richardson — Pointed Roofs and The Tunnel — for the Broadview Literary Texts Series. I have also edited Modernism and Theory (Routledge, 2009), and written Conrad and Empire (Missouri, 2004), as well as articles and reviews in NovelConradianaModern Fiction StudiesARIELStudies in Canadian LiteratureCanadian Literature, Etudes britanniques contemporaines, and Cultural Critique.

Here’s my full CV if you are so inclined.